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COVID-19 Announcement (22 March 2020)

COVID-19 Announcement (22 March 2020)

by Eric Hansen -
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 The Prime Minister announced on Saturday that the coronavirus problem has been raised to level 2. Human contacts are to be kept minimum.

 In view of the development and following consultation with the staff, I hereby confirm the decision on the following action:

 1) postpone the delivery of classes and clinics of the last two weeks of term one to the first two weeks of term two

2) this means no classes and clinics for the next two weeks which are followed by three weeks of term break, a total of 5 weeks of break where teachers and students don't come to campus

3) term two will now end at the end of the second week of the 3-week mid-year break.

 This applies to all courses,  including the online courses. 

 I appreciate it's not an easy decision to make. However, at this time of uncertainty,  it's important that the wellbeing of our staff, students and patients must come first. There's enough disruption to your lives at the moment,  especially if you also have family and friends overseas who are affected by the pandemic. Not having to deal with the pressure of study may hopefully enable you to focus on your wellbeing and those close to you. 

 I am available for you to contact, via email or 021 382888

 Thank you and take care. 

 Tony G